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I can utilize the matching result of Hungarian algorithm to connect corresponding clusters using B-spline method directly, rather than first interpolate any two candidate clusters. What’s more, the pairwise results of Hungarian algorithm can help me to infer the where occlusion occurs, i.e. it tells me the positions or regions where occluders are. Thus with a number of these Hungarian results, we can get a final occluder map which defines where occluder exists.

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Semi-annversary celebration

From April 29 to today, that is October 29, we have get through some many significant things together, we went to Mount Huang together with classmates, even though we were just good friends at that time, we did the final year project and wrote the undergraduate dissertation together everday during May and June, we defended our undergraduate thesis during the same session, even though you got good comments and I didn’t at last, we learnt to drive together, that’s when we had a crash on each other, actually I had a crash on you for so long a time, at least longer than you can imagine, and we finally got the driver license together, you shall remenber we took photo with our brand new driver licenses that day, and after graduation, we took the bullet train to Wuhan, that’s where we departed, and that’s when my tear fell.
From July 4, we live in different cities and enjoy totally different life, we make calls, chat on the Internet, text each other everyday, we both miss each other everyday. It’s hard to keep a relationship like this, even with your dear mother. Although we know clearly there’s little chance to keep this relationship to last, but we want it, we treasure it, and trust each other. So for the tiny chance to get a happy ending, we carry on, and believe in each other, and now we get our first memorial day after our separation. Happy semi-aniversary celebration, darling. Wish you a happy life every day and thank god we love each other more and more.    
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First blood!

2010-10-29 1 comment

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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