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Feeling not good

Recently, I feel sleepy all day, and I can’t fully concentrate on what I am doing. Therefore, I figure out what the reason may be.

First, I should go to bed no later than 12:20, and fall asleep no later than 12:30, because I find that if I don’t fall asleep at 12:30 pm, I won’t be asleep for a long time.

Second, it’s no good to put my phone and touch beside my pillow, even though I am waiting for messages from Ruby. The eye pain is not result from my work in front of computer during the daytime, but thanks to the contribution of the radiate of my phone and especially my touch.

Third, I shall do some regular physical exercises rather than stay in the lab all day, since I often feel rather exhausted. I think I need to prepare some equipments for basketball.

Finally, it’s about my work efficiency. Although I stay in front of the computer all the day, I find my work efficiency is not that high as I imagine. Perhaps I shall not pour out all my energy and time on the work without making any plan and doing any record about my work. Plan or the purpose of my work must be clear, I think this would be helpful to enhance my concentration and increase the efficiency.

Wish my body fit and work successful.

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