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Remote Linux Server in X11 mode from Windows

This post is to help you remote linux server from Windows, especially with X11 display specified.

First step is installation of Cygwin including OpenSSH package.

Then, it is followed by installation of X-Win32.

No need to set any configuration to PuTTY in X-Win32, all you need are the following two commands in Cygwin with X-Win32 opened.

1) ssh -X -p [your port] [usrname]@[linux server address]

2) export DISPLAY=[host address]:0

Hope this would help you!

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Efficient Annotator

Do  you know Boris Babenko? If not, you must know Serge Belongie, who is Boris’s PhD advisor! If not either, look at the GIF figure below, you must recognize him if you are familiar with face recognition!

Then look at the following video, it’s amazing to have such an efficient human-computer interactive annotator. Boris, together with his colleagues, found a company to make it come true, it’s now in the progress!

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a psychology course

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you are my angel

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